Computer Science & Engineering

The department is well known for its consistent performance in terms of academic results and placement. The department has the distinction of 100% pass . The department has students placed in all the reputed IT organizations, which are the main aspirations of all the CSE students.
The unique strengths of the department are the dedicated faculty and lab facilities. The department consists of experienced faculty from academic and industry, who will be working hard to carve the future of the students.
The department consists of splendid computer labs with more than 80 state of the art system supporting computer graphics lab, operating systems lab - supporting windows, unix, linux, software labs supporting C, C++, Java, Oracle, etc. and the development centre.
Lab Facilities
The department provides the following facilities.
- Internet lab with 60 high speed HCL Busy bee and Zenith systems connected through own VSAT facilitate with 24 hrs of browsing per day.
- Computer graphics and multimedia lab having advanced systems with headphones and web camera.
- Systems software lab having Wipro Super Genius systems supports all the operating systems of servers.
- Advanced software lab having HCL infinity 40 systems, supports softwares like Oracle 8i, Visual Studio, Java.
- Advanced CAD/CAM lab having softwares like AutoCAD 2002, AutoCAD inventory series etc.
- Computer organisation & Architecture lab with 20 numbers of computer terminals, EPROM programmes and adequate numbers of 8085 and advanced 8086 microprocessor trainer kits.
- ECTS is conducting courses like Oracle Certified courses besides their course curriculum.In order to keep the students acquainted with the changing developments in the computer world, the department organizes software courses beyond the academic curriculum. Besides, the department conducts regular seminars to enlighten the students on the latest development.