Mechanical Engineering

The strength of the department lies in its dedicated, skilled and experienced faculty drawn from various industries and reputed institutes and its workshops and labs. The labs in the mechanical department are the ideal places where students prepare for the future. We do provide the best working condition with all the latest gadgets. The lab and workshop facilities in the department are as under :Material Testing Lab, Applied Mechanical Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Thermal Lab, Metallographic Lab, Hydraulics machines Lab, Heat Engine Lab, CAD CAM Lab.
There is a full fledged workshop, with different sections devoted to Smithy Carpentry, Welding, forging,Machine Turning etc. the machining sections have lathes of 10ft. 8ft, 6ft & 4ft bed length, a capstan Lathe of 1ft bed length, a Universal milling machine radial drilling machine of 1inch capacity and one drilling machine of half inch capacity.
The laboratories include advanced version of machinery, like universal Testing Machine (20T Cap),Torsion Testing Machine (10KgF), pendulum impact Testing Machine (300J), Cantilever Type Fatigue testing Machine, all belonging to Material Testing Lab. the Metallographic lab includes two Trinocular Metallurgical microscopes. Thermal Lab includes an AIR Compression Test Rig (10KgF/ Fluid mechanic Lab comprises a number of modern closed-circuit test rigs.


The Hydraulics Machines Lab includes pelton wheel Turbine test rig. Kaplan Turbine test rig,reciprocating pump test and centrifugal pump test rig. The Heat Engines Lab includes Twin Cylinder 4-stroke Diesel engine test rig, 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke Petrol engine test rig, dingle cylinder 2-Stroke Petrol engine test rig. Air blower test rig and Air compressor test rig. refrigeration test rig and air-conditioning test rig.
The department has CAD/CAM Lab comprising 20 HCL, P-IV systems with AutoCAD-2002 and AutoCAD inventory series.
The Department undertake project works and provides consultancy to the nearby industries in their infrastructural developments under the dynamic guidance of a dedicated team of teachers. The department is at par with best in the country. It is currently engaged in industrial consultancy in areas of product development and reduction of production cost, etc. Projects from leading industries of Orissa