Dean Message

When we are trying for a better world in a new planet with our cosmic rockets, the epoch making organisations like “Eklavya College of Technology and Science” have played vital roles for tremendous advantage of education. We have been trying about the spectrum of performance of ECTs, where its dedicated activities and achievements have transcended rhetorics and improved the quality of education. Well, Eklavya College of Technology and Science, Bhubaneswar, since its establishment has been providing yeoman service in the field of good engineering education by creating its Eklavyans.

It has gone from strength to strength, established numerous, come out with innovations in engineering education, and conducted important Seminars, Conferences and Training Programmes for the benefit of the education fraternity at large.

The ECTs aims at: Academic Excellence and Character Building of the future Eklavyans.

The college has been putting in efforts to provide wide-ranging oppertunities to promote the Multiple Intelligence of the student to fulfill their individual nature in all aspects. Here is an oppertunity for ECTs to contribute to academics at right times, mentor the students for taking up the future challenges by imbibing good engineering education into their minds. The role and application of engineering science is important based on inventing and creating new ideas. The College hopes to groom students as quality products so that they are able to pursue different career options. It is from these roles in engineering sciences, we devlop and enhance answers to societal problems so that they will be able to face the outside world with full vigor and strength. Now the time has enlightended my fortune and my long cherished dreams are going to be fullfilled for my association with this august organisation.