Career guidance after 12th: Mentoring and Coaching bridge course

Through this Bridge Course we have provide career awareness, counselling, mentoring and capacity building support to 11th and 12th grade students belonging to rural and non English medium background. This enabled them to make informed choices about their career after 12th.

What we offer in this course

  1. Awareness: students are not aware of diverse set of higher education options. We organize different awareness and orientation sessions on different fields of career
  2. Counselling: Understanding background and interests of the students we counsel them and their parents to understand the interest and capacity of students and help them to choose the career of their choice
  3. Mentoring: We help students to connect students who are currently studding in premier collages and universities who guide them as mentor in preparation and admission process
  4. Admission support: Help them with application and admission alerts, and filling admission application of different colleges
  5. Scholarship and hostel support: We link students with available scholatship and hostel facilities and help them for its admission
  6. Post admission support: We provide continuous mentoring throughout their in higher education and career. Through support we help them cope up with new environment of cities and universities. We have students community in major cities and universities who support each other during their education.

Problem that rural students face for career decision:

  • No awareness about diverse fields of career paths after 12th
  • Lack of mentoring as first generation learners
  • Cant afford to go to cities dues to poor family background
  • Cant afford coaching for entrance exams after

Objectives of course:

  • Enable underprivileged students to make informed decision about their higher education (after 12th)
  • Help them to get admission into premier colleges and universities
  • Provide support for scholarship and hostels