What we do



Students are introduced to quality higher education in premiers institutes and modern career opportunities through workshops both in person and online.


Connect with mentors matching their career interests. Apart from this we support them in college, hostel, and scholarship admissions. We ensure continuous mentoring throughout their education and career journey.


Free coaching for admission in reputed colleges and universities through online and offline courses. We run short term preparation course to prepare

Our programs

Under Graduate Program

Preparation for admission in premier collages and universities in the fields of Art, Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce and Sciences in India

Post Graduate Program

Preparation for admission in premier colleges and universities in humanities and social sciences and development fellowships in India

Global Scholar Program

Preparation form admission in masters program in UK or Europe in the field of humanities and social sciences

Youth Resource Center (YRC)

We offer trainings to our students through Youth Resource Centers (YRCs) in underprivileged districts, which are designed to provide information, mentoring, and coaching to rural and tribal students. These centers are equipped with digital resources and are run in partnership with local institutes. We offer blended (online and offline) programs at a low cost, making them accessible to students from poor families.

Most of our student come from rural and remote areas with lack of adequate digital infrastructure i.e. lack of smartphone, poor internet and lack of environment which becomes barrier in online learning.

Awareness & exposure activities

One day career workshops

Residential ( 3 days) career workshop

Exposure Visits to premier Universities and industry

Eklavya Short Film