Our Team

Eklavya exists to improve access to quality higher education among first-generation students from marginalized communities through awareness, mentoring, and coaching interventions.

Founders with lived experiences

Raju Kendre
Prashant Chavan
Smita Tatewar
Akash Modak

Other team members who make it possible

Komal Gorde
Program Manager
Akash Sapkale
Program Associate

Our Vision

Enabling social mobility through grassroots leadership

Every student should get an equal opportunityto access quality higher education and realize their potential through a career.

Goal 1: Improve access to higher education among first-generation learners.

Goal 2: Bring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusionto university campuses and workplaces.

Goal 3: Build Grassroots Leadershipin different sectors and Enable Social Mobility among marginalized Communities through means of higher education.

In the last 5 years, our intervention enabled over 1200 first-generation students to attend 80+ top tier global universities and development fellowship programs.

Our Mission

Our Mission to empower 20,000 first-generation students by transitioning their successful careers through accessing world-class higher education and enabling their families to overcome poverty by 2030.

Target Group

Enabling social mobility through grassroots leadership

First-generation learners from rural and tribal poor families largely consistof Dalit, Adivasi, Nomadic Tribes, and OBCs who lack proper formal education, are geographically remote, and economically weaker students.


Marginalized communities are historically deprived of particularly higher education and its benefits.

According to NSSO 2014 data:
  • Enrollment in college education (18–21-year) for Dalits (Scheduled Caste) is 20.8%.
  • Enrollment in college education (18–21-year) for Adivasi (Scheduled Tribes) is 15.7%.
  • Enrollment in college education (18–21-year) for privileged forward castes is 39.5%.
  • Out of 10 top universities in India, students from Dalit and Adivasi groups are underrepresented in 7 universities (a recent survey of the Department of Higher Education).
  • Among these groups, 33.3% of SC, 50.6% of ST, and 27.2% of OBC are living in multidimensional poverty.


Initiatives to reduce inequality and enhance marginalized student participation in premier universities:

Eqality in Collage admission
  • Establishment of Youth Resource Centers (YRCs) in underdeveloped districts.
  • Partnership with local organizations to operate YRCs.
  • Provision of information, mentoring, and coaching to students through YRCs.
  • Incubation of students in YRCs for preparation for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Support provided throughout students’ transition to higher education and career.
  • Targeting rural and tribal students for intervention.
  • Emphasis on providing information, coaching, and mentoring interventions.
Global Sholars Program (GSP)

Empowering Scholars to Represent the Margin!

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